PhD in European and International Law



The PhD in European and International Law constitutes a substantial part – together with the PhD in Economics and Management – of the PhD School in Law and Economics.
The School offers higher education Courses; disciplinary and interdisciplinary research perspectives are combined with an international approach.
Some of the School’s activities, which are common to both PhD Programs, aim at developing research, addressing research management issues, and promoting research results and intellectual properties. This methodology considers both European and international systems of research.
The School stimulates its PhD students to develop individual transversal skills (e.g. linguistic, research of funding) in legal and in economics fields, as well as the ability to start innovative interdisciplinary researches.
These studies aim at improving the understanding and the management of sudden structural changes that communities face at a global, national, international, and local level (such as the “fourth industrial revolution”, digitalization and robotization processes, mass migration, environmental deterioration, conflicts, and crises).
The School’s main Program consists of specific high education classes associated with the Academic Board’s technical skills. The goal is the creation of European jurists, which are focused on the study of current legal systems. The legal comparison in a diachronic and synchronous perspective will be also taken into account, as well as the legal science’s classic works.
Education on the use of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary tools together with the international dimension of research represent the strength of the PhD in European and International Law. The PhD combines legal comparison with:

  • an outline of the School’s common Programs so that PhD graduates will not only manage different techniques and methodologies but will also develop research approaches combined with their own thoughts on economic rationality;
  • the PhD’s background, the consolidated international relationships and the teachers Board’s scientific profiles – all confirming the sound research ability based on multidisciplinary comparison among different fields (International Law, Comparative Law, European Law, Private Law, Business Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law, Economic Law, Public Law, Administrative Law, History of Law, Roman Law and Fundamentals of European Private Law). The exchange between several legal disciplines aims at providing the students proper methodological tools to face the legal sources’ evolution in the contemporary world and the related need for fresh studying and researching methods.

According to the international vocation of the Department of Lawto which the PhD pertains – lectures are held in the main EU languages (Italian, French, English, German and Spanish). Moreover, the School offers specialized lectures and seminars functional to the different disciplinary fields. In addition there are seminars with the active participation of the students; linguistic and computer laboratories. In-depth analysis of the research themes within the PhD’s disciplines are held by Boards’ teachers, guests, and highly qualified – both Italian and foreign – visiting researchers.
The strong international vocation is confirmed by the promotion of agreements between foreign Universities and the University of Verona (to which reference is made/see the link), by international exchanges and by scholars’ cross-border mobility. PhD students are expected to research abroad up to 12 months; this gives them the opportunities to confront with different academic realities and to enhance their own education due to high value scientific experiences.
Research Themes
The PhD goal is to develop interdisciplinary and contemporary research paths able to enhance the classical fields of Verona’s PhD School: Private and European Law, Economic and Business law and Human Rights Protection.
In this perspective, one will select together with the Board’s planning activity specific fields of research, to which special attention within the PhD’s activities will be devoted.
Starting from the XXXIII cycle considerable attention will be paid to the complex crisis phenomenon – both economic and demographic – which affects every field of the law. Due to its wide scientific relevance and its international, European and local consequences (in terms of governance and impact on the protection of human rights) the theme of migrations will be also object of an in-depth analysis.
Another field of research will concern new technologies which require innovative methodologies and/ or other innovative regulation techniques. This topic is linked to the necessity of dealing with emergent phenomena (for instance food farming and disability) through original approaches such as reasonable accommodation or creative industries.

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