PhD in Corporate Economics and Law (last intake in 2013)

Course partially running (all years except the first)


This doctorate, as it is interdepartmental in nature, focuses on interdisciplinary themes, whilst keeping to the objective of furthering study on themes belonging to the respective disciplines related to the base scientific discipline sectors. The research themes studied during the doctorate are aimed towards further developing knowledge of legal matters and company economics, including use of comparative methods of analysis and from the viewpoint of European harmonization, with reference to the normative systems, the theories and practice of the labour and company legal disciplines. This double analysis approach - legal and economic- company- enables us to bring about an efficient interdisciplinary system and to aid both didactics and research. The main objective of the current doctorate is to help young graduates along the path of scientific research, a fundamental moment which leads to their later careers of teaching and/or research, as professionals and/or managers in private companies and in the public administration.

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3 years
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Teaching staff council for the doctorate in Company Law and Economics
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