Civil Law in general

Alessandra Cordiano
Full Professor
Giovanni Meruzzi
Full Professor
Riccardo Omodei Sale'
Full Professor
Giorgia Anna Parini
Temporary Assistant Professor
Federica Pasquariello
Full Professor
Alessandra Salomoni
Assistant Professor
Mauro Tescaro
Associate Professor
Stefano Troiano
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
General Clauses, Standards and Principles in Private Law Stefano Troiano
Study of role and functions of general clauses and vague notions in private law, with specific regard on contract law and their relationship to general principles. Evolution of traditional general clauses or concepts in contental civil law systems (e.g. good faith, abuse of rights) and emersion of new concepts (e.g. reasonableness).
Electronic commerce Mauro Tescaro
Private law rules governing the various economic activities over the Internet or in connection with Internet
Law of Land Registration Stefano Troiano
Legal functioning and consequences of the system of rules governing land registration of juridical acts and judicial claims in Italian law. Implications of this system on the general law of contract and the principles governing the transfer of title in Italian law.
Law of Natural Persons Alessandra Cordiano
Law of natural persons, with particular attention to the aspects concerning the right to personal identity and self-determination; end of life decisions; privacy; gender identity and sexual orientation; incapable and persons with disabilities.
Law of succession Mauro Tescaro
The devolution of property rights and other rights upon the death of the rightholder
Private Law of Germanic Area Legal Systems Stefano Troiano
Study of the Private Law of German speaking countries and their relationship with the Italian legal system. Legal comparison between systems and institutes of private law. Comparazione tra i sistemi e gli istituti del diritto privato. Analysis of the Reform of the German law of obligation (Schuldrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz).
European Private Law and its Harmonisation Stefano Troiano
Analysis of the development of Italian private law within the framework of the process of European harmonisation, with a focus on the national provisions deriving from EU Directives or laid down in EU Regulations or the EU Treaties and on the contribution of scholars and courts in moulding both general and field-specific common principles of European private law
Donations Alessandra Salomoni
Detailed study of some contracts (ex. donation, gratuitous loan that if concluded for a long period of for the whole life of the beneficiary can costitute an indirect donation), as instruments which allow the gratuitous transfer of familiar richness from one generation to another.
Overindebted consumer Federica Pasquariello
Overindebtedness proceedings, second chance and encouraging honest debtors who apply for a judicial proceeding
Limitations of actions Mauro Tescaro
Rules which set the maximum period which one can wait before filing a lawsuit and similar temporal limitations
Duties of information Alessandra Salomoni
Study of contractual duties of information, referring in particular to the contracts of cooperation with others’ juridical activity (mediation, mandate and agency)
Agency Alessandra Salomoni
Detailed study of the institute of agency in general, paying particular attention to voluntary agency and to the power of attorney.
Civil liability Giovanni Meruzzi
Alessandra Salomoni
Detailed study of multiple aspects of civil liability and of objective liability in particular.
Consumer Protection Riccardo Omodei Sale'
Private Law and Consumer Rights Protection
Animal law Giorgia Anna Parini
Study of the evolution of the protection accorded to animal welfare and the interspecific relationship that can be created between the person and the animal


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