Criminal Procedure Law

Elisa Lorenzetto
Associate Professor
Silvana Strano
Assistant Professor
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Criminal appeal Elisa Lorenzetto
The appeal proceedings in the criminal process, with a focus on subjects, decisions which can be appealed against, "incidentale" appeal, direct assessment of the evidence during the appeal proceedings.
Defensive investigations Elisa Lorenzetto
The defensive investigations according to the law and the case law: the system framework (right to defence, equality of arms, audi altera partem principle) and the law provisions (expecially about subjects, investigative measures, documenting, use of gathered evidence).
Digital investigations Elisa Lorenzetto
The digital investigations in the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure (subjects, objects, measures), the data acquisition during computer seizing, the use of spyware.
The minors’ protection in the field of the criminal law Silvana Strano
Juvenile delinquency justice system. The intervention (and related limits) of the criminal law to protect the minors’ “best interest”.
"Orlando" Law and criminal process Elisa Lorenzetto
The amendements on the Code of Criminal Procedure, the implementing provisions and the complementary legislation set by the Law 23rd June 2017, No. 103 ("Orlando" Law) with specific refernce to the defendant, the victim, the alternative procedures, the remedies, the remote participation to the hearing.
Evolutionary lines of culpable liability Silvana Strano
The legislative and jurisprudential evolutions in the configuration of culpable liability for murder and personal injury crimes
Qualified subjective positions and control and impediment obligations Silvana Strano
The structure of the crimes for which a specific qualification of the author is required. The responsibility deriving from the situation of "power" and the related obligations of guarantee and control.
Proceedings before Tribunal in monocratic composition Elisa Lorenzetto
The proceedings before Tribunal in monocratic composition according to the law and the case law.
Application of security measures Elisa Lorenzetto
The public hearing during the proceedings for the application of security measures.
Criminal procedure law for corporate crime liability Elisa Lorenzetto
The seizures in the corporate crime liability system.
Juvenile criminal procedure law Elisa Lorenzetto
The Juvenile Court composition with a focus on the alternative procedures.
Protective measures and road traffic offences Elisa Lorenzetto
Protective measures and road traffic offences: the proceedings before the Justice of the Peace.
Corporate crimes Silvana Strano
The placing of corporate offenses in the field of corporate criminal law, with regard to the incriminations of false social communications, considering the regulatory and economic-social evolution.
Remedies against the unfair judgement Elisa Lorenzetto
The remedies against the unfair judgement pursuant to the European Convention of Human Rights (new decision, reopening of the process, new process).
Victims in criminal process Elisa Lorenzetto
The victim as a witness during public and private investigations: the right to participate and the right to protection.


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