Conflict of Laws (Private International Law)

Maria Caterina Baruffi
Teaching Assistant
Francesca Ragno
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Choice of law Francesca Ragno
Coordination methods, stucture, content and functioning of choice of law provisions, connecting factors, safeguard clauses
Private International Law on family matters Maria Caterina Baruffi
Analysis of the private and procedural international law provisions on family matters (e.g. matrimonial matters, parental responsibility, maintenance obligations, property regimes and successions, circulation of personal and family status, and new family models). In particular, the analysis covers the international conventions developed within the Hague Conference of private international law and the EU regulations, as well as their interplay.
Jurisdiction in civil and commercial matters Francesca Ragno
Analysis of the legal framework governing the allocation of jurisdiction in transnational cases, with a specific focus on the role of party autonomy in the determination of the competent court


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