Administrative Law

Paolo Duret
Full Professor
Giovanna Ligugnana
Associate Professor
Sergio Moro
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Environment Paolo Duret
Main issues relating to participation in public decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters, with a focus on the standing of private citizens and environmental associations
Independent regulatory authorities and administrative Agencies Paolo Duret
Main issues relating to Independent regulatory authorities and administrative Agencies, at European, national and local level, and to their action tools
Territorial governance and ownership rights.  Sergio Moro
Study of the relationship between the territorial governance power of the public administration and ownership interests from the underlying perspective of the (gradual) evolution from “passive” freedom to “active” freedom. 
The principle of subsidiarity Paolo Duret
Meaning, scope and implementation of the principle of subsidiarity, with special focus on citizens self-government, family policies, community empowerment experiences and competition law procedures
Invalidity of administrative decisions.   Sergio Moro
Formal and substantive defects, with particular reference to the violation of legislation governing the division of powers between bodies.   
The administration of emergencies Giovanna Ligugnana
Legal aspects of the civil protection: public powers and subsidiarity
Organisation of the health service Sergio Moro
Organisational models for the health service: impartiality and sound administration
Functionalisation pathways for administrative activity Sergio Moro
Study of functionalisation techniques from a legal and economic perspective, with reference to national and European law
Administrative procedure Paolo Duret
Giovanna Ligugnana
Administrative procedure and public decision-making processes in general, with special focus on the agreements and contracts between the citizen and the deciding public body and on participation in the decision making process


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