PhD in Commercial Law (Giuseppe Auletta)

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The PhD in Commercial Law was established by the University of Catania in consortium with the Universities of Bari, Messina, Sassari and Salerno. It covers two main subject areas – commercial law and economic law – and therefore includes a sufficiently ample range of course to allow individual research paths. Commercial law and economic law both concern the business sector and therefore encompass company law, industrial law, banking and insurance law, credit documents, commercial contracts, financial market law and bankruptcy law. The PhD teaching committee for commercial law includes Professor Anna Genovese, full professor for the subject area IUS/04 at the University of Verona.

'Legal Seminar' Department, University of Catania
Via Gallo, 24 – 95124 Catania

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Degree type
3 years
Supervisory body
Collegio docenti dottorato di ricerca in Diritto Commerciale
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