Call for Papers - International conference Law and Art in the 19th Century: Power in Images

Call for Papers - International conference Law and Art in the 19th Century: Power in Images
  from 3/24/22 to 6/30/22

UNIVERSITA’ di VERONA | Dipartimento di SCIENZE GIURIDICHE | Dipartimento di ECCELLENZA 2018/2022 MIUR

Centro di Eccellenza per la ricerca su Diritto, Tecnologie e Cambiamenti (IUSTeC)

Team di Ricerca “Immagini, diritto e potere in età moderna” (IDiPEM)

Call for Papers - International conference Law and Art in the 19th Century: Power in Images

The research team, set up to further study the project Images, Law and Power in the Modern Age, within the framework of the Excellence Project of the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Verona (2018-2022), is organising a conference on the theme of the artistic representation of law in the 19th century, from the French Revolution to the early twentieth century.
The purpose is to investigate the ways in which, during the nineteenth century, the substantial change in the structural characteristics of the legal phenomenon, and the emergence of an alternative legal experience, corresponded to the replacement - or re-semantization - of the symbols and images traditionally expressed in the law, so that they were more suitable to convey the new concept of the juridical in society.

The conference organisers invite all interested scholars to participate in the call by sending the title and abstract (minimum 300 words - maximum 500 words) of the proposed paper and also indicating name, surname and university of affiliation, together with a curriculum vitae (of no more than four pages).
In addition, the organisers are also accepting proposals for panels, consisting of three speakers and a chair and possibly a discussant; in this case, a title and an abstract of the panel (minimum 300 and maximum 500 words) are required in addition to the abstracts of the individual papers and the curriculum vitae of each speaker, chair and discussant.
The conference will be held in Italian, French and English, so proposals can be submitted in any of these languages.

Applications must be sent by 30 June 2022 to:

Proposals will be accepted by 31 July 2022.

The conference will take place in Verona in October 2022, potentially in person, although we are also considering online transmission of the event (candidates who know already that they will not be able to travel to Italy are requested to indicate this, and to specify the time zone of their country).
The organisers will bear the cost of accommodation and meals for the conference participants.
The conference papers will be published following successful peer review. A prerequisite for participation in the conference is the delivery of the text ready for publication (maximum limit: 60,000 characters including spaces and notes) on the date of the conference, in one of the languages used for the work.

For any further communication or information:

The Chairman of the Scientific Committee: Prof. Giovanni Rossi:;
The person in charge of the organisation: Dr Pietro Schirò:


Programme Director
Giovanni Rossi