International arbitration law (2013/2014)

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Annalisa Ciampi
Annalisa Ciampi
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2° Periodo di lezioni - aprile/maggio, 2° Periodo di lezioni - febbraio/aprile

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The course is aimed at providing an in-depth analysis of arbitration as an alternative to traditional litigation before state courts; this will allow students to determine which is the best way to protect certain interests. Specific attention will be devoted to the advantages of arbitration, such as its flexibility, its expeditiousness, the confidentiality aspect, freedom to designate the arbitrators and easier circulation of arbitral awards compared to decisions rendered by state courts.


The course will focus on general issues, including the definition and reasons of international arbitration, the formation, validity and interpretation of international arbitration agreements, the arbitral proceeding, the laws applicable to the arbitration, the arbitral award, the recognition and the enforcement of arbitral awards, etc.
The course consists primarily of seminars and group work. Attending students are involved in the study of legal cases, discussion of the issues raised, and elaboration of essays in written and oral form.

Assessment methods and criteria

The examination shall be oral.

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