Labour law (2015/2016)

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Donata Gottardi
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UL1 6 1° periodo di lezioni Donata Gottardi
UL2 9 1° periodo di lezioni, 2° Periodo di lezioni - aprile/maggio 2016, 2° Periodo di lezioni - febbraio/marzo 2016 Donata Gottardi

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The course aims at analysing both the traditional areas of labour law: industrial relations and employment law. After an historical reconstruction, the analysis focuses on the multi-faceted system of sources of labour law. In this regard, particular attention is given not only to statutory laws, but also to the sources of the so-called collective autonomy (collective bargaining and systems of concertation between the social partners). The first part of the course examines the legal regulation of the individual contract of employment and of the relationships between labour law and the market; the second part investigates the collective aspects of work relationships.


Rapporto di lavoro (primo semestre)
THE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP: Constitutional Principles and Employment Relationships – Art. 35, subordination, self-employment, economically dependant self-employed work; Art. 2094 c.c.; Collaborations; - Art. 36 Const.: pay, working time, leaves; - Art. 37 Const.: women and minors work – Constitution and termination of employment relationships. Individual dismissals – Atypical/non-standard work.

Diritto sindacale (secondo semestre)
SOURCES AND HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF LABOUR LAW: Sources – Law and Collective Autonomy – Collective Bargaining, Negotiated Laws and Concertation – Pre-Constitutional Period – Constitution and Labour Law – Workers’ Statute (70s) – Labour Law in the 80s and 90s – EU Integration.

INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS: Constitution and Freedom of Union Organisation: Art. 39; Constitution and right to Strike: Art. 40 – Concertation. Collective Bargaining: nature, typology, levels, branches, succession of collective agreements. Private-Law Collective Agreements: subjective and objective scope. Concertation. So-called Negotiated Laws. Representation and Representativeness – Workers’ Representatives and Trade Unions at Company Level. The Right to Strike in Essential Public Services. – Employers’ Anti-union Behaviours.

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