Administrative procedure law (2020/2021)

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Jacopo Bercelli
Jacopo Bercelli
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2° periodo di lezioni - febbraio/marzo 2021 dal Feb 15, 2021 al Mar 29, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

Students in this course are supposed to be acquainted with the basics in public law and especially administrative law. Through this course they will deepen their understanding of various topics concerning Judicial review..

The course aims at analysing the ambit and scope of jurisdictional control of public bodies decisions, providing students with the main tools to understand both theoretical and practical problems of judicial review.
The origins and development of our administrative courts review will be hence examined with special attention on jurisdiction problems, remedies, hearings, evidence and enforceability of courts decisions.
Case-study will be added to lectures.
The course will focus on the study of particularly interesting cases, with students discussing them.


A citizien who is aggrieved by a decision of a public body has a variety of remedies available.
The main judicial remedies.
In the course there will be a detailed look at each of the remedies, including a discussion as to how far they have provided us with a rational system of remedies.

Course Reading
A. TRAVI, Lezioni di giustizia amministrativa, Torino, Giappichelli, Torino, ultima edizione

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Marcello Clarich Manuale di giustizia amministrativa il Mulino 2021

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exams. Through them students’ knowledge of of judicial review will be evaluated, as well as their ability to analyze and correctly set out the relevant legal institutes.