(click to GEOLawB - Laboratory on Law and Spatiality (3 items) (2020/2021)

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Matteo Nicolini
Matteo Nicolini
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Learning outcomes

The course times to allow students to critically engage in activities related to legal spatialities.
- simulation game "Federiamoci";
- simulation game "Geopolitics";
- webinars on law and territory.


Under this option, students may attend the following laboratories :

1) SIMULATION GAME "Federiamoci"
Students will take part in a decision-making process that is aimed at establishing a federal arrangements. The proposed activity will revolve around three keynote topics: bicameralism; intergovernmental relations; fiscal federalism.


It is proposed that the following topics be addressed during this program:
• State of the world today – global risks perspective
• The 4th Industrial Revolution and its potential impact in society
• Good governance
• The importance of the Rule of Law in domestic and international geo-political context
• Law and international markets relationships

Students who attend this course will be divided into small groups who must work together in analysing a case study.

With the help of academic figures, they must prepare a presentation which will be discussed on the last day of the course: the aim of the case study is to confront the students with a complex but realistic scenario that could happen today, and they will be asked to use all their experience, knowledge and resources to develop a comprehensive solution to the problems.


3) Webinars on "Lawyers as Geographers”: Territory, Identity, and Political Power in Comparative Law
The series of webinars will consider how territorial issues interrelate under legal arrangements in a comparative perspective.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Francis Hallé Ci vuole un albero per salvare la città Ponte alle Grazie 2018 9788833310572

Assessment methods and criteria

Students taking part into the laboratories are required to submit a short, written report.