Factum & Ius - The Greatest Trials in History - Training and Competition (2020/2021)

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Carlo Pelloso
Carlo Pelloso
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Learning outcomes

The course shall give the students the opportunity to experience an Athenian criminal trial, according to the law in force within the frame of the radical democracy in the 4th century BC. The meetings aim at developing the legal reasoning on the grounds of the case against Socrates, public speaking, team-working and decision-making.


Socrates in the Arts: an introduction to the trial in its historical context
Judicial Rhetoric: an introduction
The Athenian legal system in the 4th century BC
The Athenian legal procedure in the 4th century BC
Socrates’s apology: criticism
Reconstructing Meletus’s prosecution
Socrates: thought and action
Preparing the prosecution file: rewriting the kategoria
Preparing the defence: rewriting the apologhia
Final Training

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Carlo Pelloso Socrate. La democrazia contro il libero pensiero RCS MediaGroup S.p.A. 2019

Assessment methods and criteria

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