Diritto di famiglia e dei minori (2022/2023)

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Learning outcomes

This course intends to analyse the field of family law in multiple perspectives; the programme is offered to students who would like to integrate the basics of family law already studied in Private Law Institutions. Especially, this course analyses family as social formation and fundamental right, consequences of the marriage, filiation bonds and family crisis.
The aim of the course is to enable students to critically approach family law questions under an unitary vision of the legal system, particularly with regard to the duties of operators to raise awareness of wide practical issues.
At the end of the course, the knowledge acquired shall allow students, first of all, to have the technical and professional instruments to assist families, stimulating the capacities of setting up networks of legal experts (judges, lawyers, legal guardian and curator) and others professionals (social services, educator and teachers). Secondly, this course will permit students to work taking on the ethic and professional responsibility thanks to the study of juridical issues underlying family conflicts.