Procedura penale della responsabilita' degli enti (2022/2023)

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The course focuses on the description of the procedural institutes set forth to ascertain corporate liability pursuant to the Legislative Decree 8th June 2001, no. 231, within the framework of the principles stated in the Constitution and in international conventions as well as in the interaction with the discipline of the criminal procedure code, from which they stem. The class aims at providing students with the necessary evaluation tools for the understanding of the specific regulation of this subject matter in the framework of the general lines of the criminal procedural system. Students shall also acquire the skills for the appropriate examination of the relevant issues within the scope of corporate entities trial, develop the indispensable critical skills issues for facing the legal issues arising in the enforcement area, in particular in the verification of compatibility between the code rules – subject matter of explicit legislative reference - and the specific discipline of the process to the institutions in view of its possible heterointegration.