The image of Verona in the world

Starting date
January 1, 2009
Duration (months)
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Managers or local contacts
Facchinetti Roberta
English, Local tourist system, Verona, Classroom teaching, Multimodality

The project focuses on promotional tourist material about Verona and consists of three components: linguistic and textual analysis, multimodal analysis, and teaching practice. Such material is meant to be innovated through the following:
  • a textual and multimodal analysis on extant material;
  • theoretical standpoints and guidelines aiming at such innovation;
  • teaching activities meant for young citizens of Verona, with the aim of creating multilingual material (CLIL modules, a treasure hunt, a contest/competition);
  • a tourist guide and a list of suggestions for the upgrading of extant websites.
The project is therefore characterised by a strong link with the territory, with the aim of making its historic and artistic characteristics known at a national and international level.


Funds: assigned and managed by the department
Research areas involved in the project
Lingue e letterature anglo-americane
American language
Lingua e linguistica inglese
English Corpus Linguistics


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