New Technologies and the fight against (cyber) terrorism and hate speech in the European perspective

Starting date
February 1, 2017
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Flor Roberto

The new millennium has been marked by the explosion of Internet and new technological means, which led to the epochal changes in every area of human life.
They offer many opportunities for social, cultural and economic development but at the same time, they create fertile ground for new ways and types of significant criminal behaviors and they are innovative tools for evidence research and, in general, to counteract serious congenital transnational criminal phenomena. Through an interdisciplinary approach and an innovative method based on legal regulation of computer science and programming rules, in clear need of being assigned a legal value commensurate to their global nature, the research aims to suggest national and European regulatory models of serious and transnational criminal phenomena, such as those related to terrorism and to the hate speech. These regulatory models should adapt to the technological changing environment and, at the same time, should consider the multilevel structure of the legal sources through an integrated approach, taking into account the case law of the higher courts.

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Roberto Flor
Associate Professor


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