European Union Law

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Annalisa Ciampi
Full Professor
Caterina Fratea
Associate Professor
Federica Pasquariello
Full Professor
Research interests
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European Competition Law Caterina Fratea
Analysis, in the light of the relevant provisions of the treaties, secondary law, and the ECJ case law, of the legal functioning of the European competition rules addressed to undertakings operating in the internal market (agreements between undertakings and abuse of dominant position) and to Member States (State aids), from both a public and a private enforcement point of view.
European Migration Law Caterina Fratea
Analysis of the EU law provisions on both economic (EU visa system and movement of third country nationals, family reunification, status of third country workers, status of third country nationals who are long-term residents) and irregular migration (protection of asylum-seekers and refugees, unaccompanied children.
Crossborder Insolvency Pursuant to EU Reg 848 Federica Pasquariello
Crossborder Insolvency in EU Regulatory Framework
Human Rights and Migration Annalisa Ciampi
Human rights and refugee protection in the EU and the European migration policy .


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