Research groups

Gruppo Longevity

Alessandra Cordiano
Full Professor
Giovanni Guiglia
Associate Professor
Donata Gottardi
Temporary Professor
Sylvain Giovanni Nadalet
Assistant Professor
Topic Research area
Medical and Health Law Law and Medicine
European Committee of Social Rights Legal Institutions
Immigration Law Law and Immigration
Social Rights Human Rights Law
Human rights Human Rights Law
Social security Law Labour Law
Labour Law in the Health Sector Labour Law
Law of Natural Persons Civil Law in general
Family and Minors Law Family Law
Law and literature Law and Humanities
Transnational Labour Law Labour Law
Government Constitutional Law
MSC 62P25 - Applications to social sciences Metodi quantitativi per l’economia Applications
New forms of work organisation Labour Law
Industrial relations Labour Law
Corporate social responsibility Labour Law
Product safety and Product Liability Tort Law
Protection of maternity and paternity Labour Law
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Longevity as a challenge Donata Gottardi Commissione europea – VII PQ Jan 1, 2012 12


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