Transnational Youth Forum on the Right to Education: Building a Brighter future for the Children on the Move

Starting date
November 1, 2018
Duration (months)
Law, Human Sciences
Managers or local contacts
Gottardi Donata
Youth, Migration, Education, Work

the overall objective of the project is to provide a platform for young people with migrant background to engage in dialogue with stakeholders and suggest innovative policy improvements in the areas of education and integration through their life experience and everyday work with migrant communities.


Funds: assigned and managed by an external body

Project participants

Maria Caterina Baruffi
Teaching Assistant
Daniele Butturini
Associate Professor
Alessandra Cordiano
Full Professor
Donata Gottardi
Temporary Professor
Luigina Mortari
Full Professor
Isolde Quadranti
Technical-administrative staff
Roberta Silva
Associate Professor
Research areas involved in the project
Labour Law


Research facilities