Law and Economics

Giovanni Meruzzi
Full Professor
Matteo Ortino
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
EU constitutional law of financial system Matteo Ortino
Study of the EU public intervention in the financial markets from a EU constitutional law perspective. Analysis of EU competences in the financial sector: objectives that can be pursued and under which requirements.
Financial regulation Giovanni Meruzzi
Matteo Ortino
Financial regulation. Institutional and substantive law of financial markets. Study of the law governing the subjects, the activities, the products, the markets and the relations shaping financial markets. EU law of financial markets. The public supervision of banking and investment sectors.
The law of digital economy Matteo Ortino
The study of the interactions between law and economic activities that use digital technologies. Legal and economic aspects of Fin-Tech, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, online services, digital platforms, etc. The EU digital internal market.
EU law of the internal market Matteo Ortino
Analysis of the legal instruments relevant to the construction of the EU internal market. Economic and legal notion of internal market. Freedoms of movement and competition. EU constitutional and legislative rules. The role of the Court
Rule- and decision-making governing the economy Matteo Ortino
The study of decision- and rule-making processes with regard to the economy. Which subjects, on the basis of which processes, in relation to which aspects of the economy and with which legal effects, intervene in the direct and indirect regulation of economic activities.


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