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Social Housing

The research group will work during two years, examining legal issues, organising workshops and publishing reports and articles Proposals will be founded on legal research on the instruments provided by national and regional legislation and on good practices already followed by local authorities. Further data will be collected on the actual dimension of the phenomenon and on solutions already implemented. Proposals will also contain possible models to be implemented by the interested subjects in the local area or in other areas with similar features.
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Paolo Duret

Paolo Duret
Full Professor
Sergio Moro
Associate Professor
Giovanna Ligugnana
Associate Professor
Topic Research area
Environment Administrative Law
Environment (Aarhus Convention and the rights of the public in environmental matters) Environmental and Natural Resources Law
Administrative justice Litigation, Adjudication and Dispute Resolution
Independent regulatory authorities and administrative Agencies Administrative Law
Social Rights Human Rights Law
Comparative administrative law Public comparative law
Antidiscrimination Law Labour Law
Territorial governance and ownership rights.  Administrative Law
The principle of subsidiarity Administrative Law
Invalidity of administrative decisions.   Administrative Law
The administration of emergencies Administrative Law
Organisation of the health service Administrative Law
Functionalisation pathways for administrative activity Administrative Law
Administrative procedure Administrative Law
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
NEW SYNERGIES FOR SOCIAL HOUSING Paolo Duret Joint Project 2017 - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento Mar 1, 2018 24


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