Human Rights Law

Maria Caterina Baruffi
Teaching Assistant
Ilaria Carlotto
Associate Professor
Annalisa Ciampi
Full Professor
Giovanni Guiglia
Associate Professor
Stefano Troiano
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Social Rights Giovanni Guiglia
Study of the individual rights based on legal claims to the State or public bodies for their benefits; they are distinguished from other human rights of freedom because they tend to obtain the fulfilment of positive obligations of the liable persons
Human rights Annalisa Ciampi
Human rights protection at the universal, regional and constituional level
The Protection of Privacy and Other Fundamental Rights in the IT Society and the building of the so-called "Data Economy". Stefano Troiano
Study of the forms of private law protection of fundamental rights, especially privacy (but also personal identity, health, image, etc.) as regards the new challenges of the IT society and the regime of the new instruments for data circulation in the so-called Data Economy. Analysis of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the EiDas Regulation.
New rights Ilaria Carlotto
Study of new righst and the law to known one's genetics origins
Promotion of equal opportunities Ilaria Carlotto
Study of the promotion of equal opportunities between men and women, with particular interest for the regional instruments
Human rights protection Maria Caterina Baruffi
Analysis of the protection of human rights within the multilevel (international, European and national) system. In particular, the analysis covers the interplay between the legal sources (i.e. international conventions, the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Union system and the national legal orders) with special regard to the rights of children, families and migrants, and the case law of the respective judicial bodies.
Social services Ilaria Carlotto
Study of social services in Italian Regions
Multilevel protection of rights Ilaria Carlotto
Study of the relationship between different levels of jurisdiction in the protection of fundamental rights


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