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AGENDA - Actions for Gender Development in Academy

AGENDA’s main objectives are: 1. to promote gender-sensitive cultures and practices in higher education and research institutions through the implementation of tailored Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) for each partner; 
 2. to achieve gender balance in research activities by implementing gender mainstreaming (in terms of structure and action, as well as organizational climate and the inclusion of civil society voices) combined with multilevel positive actions concerning HR management and recruitment processes, career progression, funding, decision-making and research programmes; 
 3. to foster structural and cultural, sustainable changes at institutional level.
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Donata Gottardi

Donata Gottardi
Temporary Professor
Marco Peruzzi
Associate Professor
Alessandra Cordiano
Full Professor
External components
Ayse Ayata
Middle East Technical University of Ankara
Donata Favaro
Università degli studi di Padova
Mary Koutselini
University of Cyprus
Ida Sabelis
Vrije University of Amsterdam
Hazel Conely
University of Bristol
Camilla Federici
Esperta freelance
Magdalena Półtorak
University of Silesia
Topic Research area
Medical and Health Law Law and Medicine
Transnational Collective Bargaining Labour Law
Immigration Law Law and Immigration
Antidiscrimination Law Labour Law
Law of Natural Persons Civil Law in general
Family and Minors Law Family Law
Law and literature Law and Humanities
Proof in labour disputes Labour Law
New forms of work organisation Labour Law
Industrial relations Labour Law
Corporate social responsibility Labour Law
Product safety and Product Liability Tort Law
Protection of maternity and paternity Labour Law


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