Public comparative law

Giovanna Ligugnana
Associate Professor
Matteo Nicolini
Associate Professor
Francesco Palermo
Full Professor
Research interests
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Participatory democracy Matteo Nicolini
Francesco Palermo
In all countries, decision making rocedures are under stress. Representative democracy can no longer claim universal representation, while direct democratic instruments are unfit to incude minorities. As a consequence, new, legally regulated forms of participation and inclusion are being developed. These procedures and their legal safeguards are studied in this line of research
Minority rights and diversity governance Francesco Palermo
Together with a number of projects on the ground with several international organizations (OSCE, Council of Europe, European Union), this research line focuses on the rights of persons belonging to minorities and of groups, with a view to designing solutions for the management of diversity claims in coplex societies.
Comparative administrative law Giovanna Ligugnana
Organisation and activity of the executive and agencies; dispute resolution and administrative justice in the main European legal systems, especially the English one
Emergencies and legal change Matteo Nicolini
Impact of emergencies on the legal changes
Comparative federalism Matteo Nicolini
Francesco Palermo
Combined with a number of projects on the ground with several international organizations and networks, this research line deals with questions such as: How do federal and regional systems work? How does their adaption take place? How are powers divided and exercised in a compound structure? How do courts interpret intergovernmental relations?
Legal pluralism Matteo Nicolini
Francesco Palermo
Legal pluralism acknowledges that in any geographical space defined by the conventional boundaries of a nation state, there is more than one law or legal system. The research looks at how different sources and providers of law, with different origins and legitimacies, coexist in one (complex) legal framework. This phenomenon does not only affect former colonial systems but also western countries
Constitutional transformations Matteo Nicolini
Francesco Palermo
The research focuses on the formation, the evolution, the protection and the dissolution of constitutions. Especially the birth and death of constitutional systems are analyzed by looking at the procedures aiming at establishing legal rules for processes that used to be outside of the realm of law. This way, the study contributes to the comparative study of contemporary constitutionalism


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