Research groups

Gruppo costituzionale

Ilaria Carlotto
Associate Professor
Giovanni Guiglia
Associate Professor
Giampietro Ferri
Full Professor
Maurizio Pedrazza Gorlero
Professore onorario
Topic Research area
Shared administration Public Law
European Committee of Social Rights Legal Institutions
Social Rights Human Rights Law
Sources of regional law Constitutional Law
Form of government Constitutional Law
Jurisprudence of common judges Legal Theory, Jurisprudence and Legal Interpretation
Constitutional justice Constitutional Law
Government Constitutional Law
Referendum Constitutional Law
Judiciary Constitutional Law
Immunity Constitutional Law
New rights Human Rights Law
Medically assisted procreation Bioethics (human and animal)
Promotion of equal opportunities Human Rights Law
Regions and local authorities Public Law
Division of competences between Member States and the European Union Public Law
Social services Human Rights Law
Electoral systems Constitutional Law
Multilevel protection of rights Human Rights Law
Territorial changes Public Law


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