Specialized Degree in Law

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The objective of this Degree Course is to offer know-how, methods and techniques to reach a level of knowledge which are required for higher legal training, indispensable when embarking on a legal career. To this end, students will be prepared so as to be able to develop speicalized analyse skills. They will also be able to put legal norms together as well as drafting, both in writing and orally, their reasoning lines and the arguments they will need to be able to set out coherently both general and special legal questions, when working both on specific cases and example cases. The students, who must be able to speak and write at least one European Union language fluently besides Italian (with a particular knowledge of specialized legal vocabulary) will work, in particular, on their legal training in the international and economic-management areas.

Course details

Degree type
Specialized degree courses
2 years
Degree class
22/S - Postgraduate degree in law
Supervisory body
Faculty Council
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Law Teaching and Student Services Unit
Main Department
Macro area
Law and Economics
Subject area