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March 1, 2018
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Duret Paolo

Social housing can be defined as the provision of houses and services with strong social connotation to help households with problems in gaining access to decent housing on the market to find accommodation in an adequate social and urban mix. It is thus the housing need of those people whose income is above the minimum level that allows access to council estates, but is below the level required to have access to the estate market.
Despite this problem is acknowledged by the legislator, solutions seem hard to find, also because the use of the private and public property is still highly ineffective.
The project, to be developed in two years, aims to analyse the possible synergies stemming by the cooperation of private and public subjects – some of which are specifically considered by legislation, but have not been extensively implemented so far – and to propose new solutions for the enhancement of the existing (and unoccupied) property and the provision of social housing.
Partners of the University in this projects are some representatives of the categories involved in the above mentioned ‘synergic’ process: a local authority, a non profit organisation and an association of private real estate owners.
Proposals will be founded on legal research on the instruments provided by national and regional legislation and on good practices already followed by local authorities. Further data will be collected on the actual dimension of the phenomenon and on solutions already implemented. Proposals will also contain possible models to be implemented by the interested subjects in the local area or in other areas with similar features.


Funds: assigned and managed by the department

Project participants

Paolo Duret
Full Professor
Giovanna Ligugnana
Associate Professor
Sergio Moro
Associate Professor
Paolo Saggiani
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Administrative Law


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