History of Medieval and Modern Law

Cecilia Pedrazza Gorlero
Associate Professor
Giovanni Rossi
Full Professor
Pietro Schirò
Temporary Professor
Daniele Velo Dalbrenta
Associate Professor
Research interests
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Common Law Giovanni Rossi
The juridical common system from Roman Justinian law and canon law created by the legal doctrine’s interpretation and practical jurisprudence in Western Europe (except England) between 12th and 18th centuries
Law and Humanities in legal history Cecilia Pedrazza Gorlero
Giovanni Rossi
Relationship between law and the arts in order to highlight the law ability to set the limits of legal formalism and to be a fundamental tool for interpreting social complexity.
Law and Humanities Giovanni Rossi
Pietro Schirò
Daniele Velo Dalbrenta
The subject matter is linked to the activity of the 'Ius in fabula' Association, established in Verona, in 2016, with the aim of promoting the deepening of 'Law and Humanities' studies and fostering scientific collaboration, in this field, between Italian and foreign scholars, favouring the comparison and meeting of different visions, knowledge and specialisations, in the conviction that the points of contact between the two dimensions - legal and artistic - are numerous and dense of meaning and that their exploitation allows us to grasp elements of reality otherwise neglected.
Legal methodology Cecilia Pedrazza Gorlero
Legal methodology and Legal systems in the main European - and, above all, French - theoretical models (XVI-XVIII centuries).
Querelle des femmes': Women's rights in the Modern and Contemporary Ages Cecilia Pedrazza Gorlero
Women's rights in Modern and Contemporary ages, with particular regard to the analysis of the historical-juridical roots of gender discrimination and the consolidation of feminine stereotypes in Ancien Régime.
Legal Humanism and Renaissance Law Cecilia Pedrazza Gorlero
Legal Humanism and Renaissance Law (XV-XVI centuries) as an innovation era, within a context of radical institutional, social and religious changes. Topics of research: mos italicus and mos gallicus; scientia iuris and humanae litterae; roman law and national French law.
Legal Humanism Giovanni Rossi
Research on the new methodology applied by jurists of the 16th century in studing Roman law through philological and historical lens, with special reference to France


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