‘G. Zanotto’ Library, Department of Law

It was founded in 1997 and since then has increased its contents considerably, something which has come about, in part, thanks to donations and legacies from companies and individuals. At the moment it has about 25,000 volumes and subscribes to 184 journals. This number is destined to increase due to ongoing significant bequests. The consultation room, on the 3rd floor, seats about 50 and here you can find collections of journals and works of a general nature (dictionaries, encyclopedias, digests, manuals). All the bibliographic material is catalogued with the Aleph application and can be found in the collective catalogue of the University libraries.
This library, has therefore become completely integrated into the Verona university library system, by means of the Juliet project, and is linked to the other legal sources of the city's cultural institutions: the Public Library, the Republic Attorney Library, the Bar Council Library, the College of Accountants Library, the Accademy of Agricultural Science and Arts Library, The Seminary Library, the Capitulary Library and the Mediovenezia Bank Library. In 2001 the Verona Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craftsmanship and Agriculture stipulated a convention with the Faculty of Law-Department of Legal Studies placing its own bibliographic patrimony into the hands of the "G. Zanotto" library for cataloguing and management.
The material which was received (about 20,000 volumes) is now being catalogued and can be found in the S.S. Trinità rooms.
It may be consulted and/or borrowed only such material as has already been catalogued( available in the OPAC system. Loans can be arranged by booking in advance, which may be done in person or by telephone, with at least one day's notice (tel. 045/8028839-8331-8844)

Opening times

3. piano: sala di consultazione lunedì - giovedì 9,00 - 18,00 / venerdì 9,00 - 13,00

2. piano: punto distribuzione prestiti lunedì - giovedì 9,00 -15,00 / venerdì dalle 9,00 - 13,00 (per il ritiro dei volumi dopo le 15 dal lunedì al giovedì, è possibile rivolgersi al 3. piano)

piano terra: BOX di autorestituzione lunedì al venerdì dalle 8,00 alle 19,30  e il sabato dalle 8,00 alle 13,00


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Via C. Montanari 9 37122 Verona
Palazzo di Giurisprudenza,  Floor 0,  Room 10  -  Palazzo di Giurisprudenza,  Floor 1,  Room 7  -  Palazzo di Giurisprudenza,  Floor 3,  Room 2

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