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AGENDA - Actions for Gender Development in Academy
The consortium has been designed with the purpose of addressing the gender dimension beyond the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics field (STEM). While the STEM areas represent the research field most affected by gender inequalities and common false assumptions that position women as less suited to STEM subjects than men, socio-economic sciences and humanities field (SSH) is less addressed and gender stereotypes can be less transparent. AGENDA aspires at deconstructing gender stereotypes and biases that affect SSH by introducing gender equality in academia and research.
The research group was formed in the context of the approval and funding of the BRILLE research project. The group is made of Italian and foreign academics and it examines the regulatory phenomena in the field of international finance, with special regard to the Basel Committee.
Controversial cases about inheritance law
Controversial cases about inheritance law
Diritti e libertà fondamentali come oggetto e limite della tutela penale nel cyberspace

Diritto costituzionale europeo e comparato dell’agricoltura
Il gruppo di ricerca indaga le tipologie di nuovi interessi pubblici che incidono sull'agrarietà dei fondi e delinea lo statuto pubblicistico della proprietà e dell’attività agricole. La ricerca è finanziata dalla Südtiroler Bauernbund ed è collegato alla Rivista "Il diritto dell'agricoltura" (
Gruppo costituzionale

Gruppo lavoro

Gruppo Longevity

Population ageing and generational passages
The project deals with the demographic chance in an interdisciplinary perspective and aims to elaborate new juridical tools for this problem and for the related generational passages.
Social Housing
Analysis of the main legal issues concerning social housing through research and data collection and proposals for new solutions
European Union
Study and analysis of European Union law; elaboration of projects; networking; publication of scientific papers.


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