Constitutional Law

Daniele Butturini
Associate Professor
Ilaria Carlotto
Associate Professor
Stefano Catalano
Associate Professor
Giampietro Ferri
Full Professor
Giovanni Guiglia
Associate Professor
Research interests
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Decision of the Constitutional Court  Stefano Catalano
This subject was examined from different points of view. In particular, he focused on: - The problems deriving from the conflicts in the attribution of state powers. He paid particular attention to the intervention of single parliamentary members in the conflicts under article 68 of the Italian Constitution; - The reform of the French Constitution in 2008 and its implementation in 2010, which introduced the constitutional judgment raised as an incidental question. This research was carried out in the institute GERJC of Aix en Provence. His interest on the analysis of the French system inspired the publication of a monograph on this subject. The study of the foreign system was aimed at defining useful instruments to “repair” the Italian Constitutional System of Justice. The monograph was published in 2016 with the following title: “La question prioritaire de constitutionnalité in Francia: analisi di una riforma attesa e dei suoi significati per la giustizia costituzionale italiana”; - The Italian incidental control of constitutionality, with special regard to the relevance and effects of the Constitutional Court’s decisions in the main proceeding; - The matters concerning the time modulation of the effects of the constitutionality decisions. His research did not included the Italian and French system
Fundamental Rights and Discriminations Stefano Catalano
This topic was studied by editing numerous publications, by lecturing and attending as speaker in conferences on different related subjects. He analyzed:   - The identification of the fundamental rights and of their national and international protection instruments; - The current and controversial issues on the abortion on demand and on the medically assisted procreation; - The discriminations and the principle of equality, with particular reference to the gender and age discriminations; - The critical aspects and the advantages in combating discriminations of the so-called Gender and social balance.
Fundamental Rights in Times of Austerity Daniele Butturini
Study regarding the impact of financial and economic crises on fundamental rights of individuals.
Sources of regional law Ilaria Carlotto
Study of the regional Statutes, regional laws, regional regulations, council regulations and regional referendum.
Form of government Ilaria Carlotto
Study of the regional form of government
Form of regional government Stefano Catalano
Object of study is distribution of power among the governing bodies of the Regions.He paid particular attention to the constitutional amendments adopted from 1999 to 2001, as well as to relevant constitutional case law
Constitutional justice Ilaria Carlotto
Study of the relationship between the Constitutional Court, the European Court of Human Rights and the common judges
Government Giovanni Guiglia
The term ‘Government’ has different meanings in Italian legal literature; it indicates stricto sensu the supreme body of the executive power. Part II, Title III, of the Italian Constitution specifically concerns the Government. The Article 92, para. 1, which provides that ‘the Government of the Republic consists of the Prime Minister and of the Ministers, jointly constituting the Council of Ministers'
Referendum Giampietro Ferri
Referendums in the revision of the Constitution. Statewide revocatory referendum (art. 75). Regional referendum. Proposal referendum and consultative referendum.
Judiciary Giampietro Ferri
Judicial system. Superior Council of the Judiciary. Civil and disciplinary liability of judicial officers. Office transfer of judicial officers. Political rights of judicial officers.
Immunity Giampietro Ferri
The suspension of criminal proceedings for the highest levels of government. Legitimate impediment by the Prime Minister and the Ministers. Special discipline for government crime (i.e. crimes committed by Ministers in the act of governance).
The impact of Emergency on the Fundamental Rights Daniele Butturini
Study on the declaration of a state of emergency and the suspension of fundamental rights during a state of emergency.
President of Republic and System of Government Daniele Butturini
The role of the President of Republic in the italian parliamentary context.
Electoral systems Giampietro Ferri
Chamber electoral systems (Chamber of Deputies and Senate). The electoral system for Italian representatives in the European Parliament.


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