International Law (excl. International Trade Law)

Annalisa Ciampi
Full Professor
Enrico Milano
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Law of international responsibility Enrico Milano
The topic covers all questions of international responsibility, including State responsibility, responsibility of international organization and responsibility of multinational coroporations. It is specifically focussed on questions of attribution of wrongful conducts and reparation.
International investment law Enrico Milano
The topic covers all legal questions related to the international protection of foreign direct investiments, with special regard to dispute settlement provsions arising out of international treaties protecting and promoting foreign investment.
Governance of international crises Enrico Milano
The topic relates to the role of international law in devising normative and institutional instruments aiming at governing international crises. The research focuses specifically on territorial conflcits and migratory and environmental crises.
International Organizations Annalisa Ciampi
Universal and regional international organizations, with a focus on issues of competence and responsibility
Cultural Heritage Annalisa Ciampi
International instruments and Italian legislation on the protection of cultural property
Soft law and international normativity Enrico Milano
The research focusses on the topic of soft law in international legal relations. By assessing the main instruments and contexts in which soft law is employed, it questions the production of legal effects binding upon relevant addressees.


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