Postgraduate Degree in Administration Law

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Specific aims: To provide the knowledge,the methodology and the techniques which will be required by those hoping to reach that level of knowledge which are needed for higher legal training. This is an indespensable must for those setting out on a career in law. To this end a suitable background will be provided for students to be able to develop their analysis capacities to the full to enable them to analyse and combine legal norms as well as being able to set down both in written and oral form their lines of reasoning, and argumentation. This is essential if they are going to be able to present general or specialized legal questions on specific cases or cases in point. Juridical-administrative and roles in the filed of economic management will also be looked at and useful information about how these areas work in practice will be studied. These will be considered in private and public organizations as well as in centralized and local administration. Particular emphasis will be placed on legal training in economic-management fields: the legal background in the strict sense of public law and company law where specific studies will be done on the economic and company fields. Students will be expected to have a command of at least on European Union language other than Italian, which they can use fluently both when writing and speaking ( with a specific knowledge of specialized vocabulary), and they should also be able to use computers as far as the legal field is concerned.

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Degree type
Specialized degree courses
2 years
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22/S - Postgraduate degree in law
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Faculty Council
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Operational unit Law Teaching and Student Services Unit
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Law and Economics
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