Advanced / Professional development course in Information Technology and Network Law

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Communication networks and new developments in information technology have an essential role in every area of human life. They are indispensable tools in economic, social, political and cultural areas, but they also present a source of security risks in legal transactions, sometimes even becoming vehicles for new illegal criminal activities. Starting with an examination of new phenomena in cyberspace, the course aims to offer an interdisciplinary overview of legal implications as seen from civil, administrative and penal perspectives. The analysis will focus on the following topics: accountability in data and resource management, especially regarding service providers on the internet, directors and editors of online newspapers and website managers; e-commerce; digital administration, including electronic records and electronic signatures; intellectual property; electronic privacy and safety, especially in working relationships; cybercrime and computer forensics; and protection of fundamental rights in the network. The course will provide participants with practical technical knowledge skills that will afford them a deeper understanding of legislation and case law in different sectors, taking into account the expanding European Union and the need for international harmonisation. For this reason, numerous supranational tools, particularly European, will be considered.

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Degree type
Advanced postgraduate course
0 years
Supervisory body
Comitato Scientifico del Corso di perfezionamento e di aggiornamento professionale in Diritto dell'informatica e della rete
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Law and Economics
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