Advanced/Professional Development course for Trusted Advisors: Techniques for preventing and resolving cases of sexual harassment, bullying and work-related stress in the public and private sectors

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Trusted advisers are specialists who deal with workplace harassment (not only sexual) and, more recently, bullying. They are generally called in to prevent, manage and resolve cases of harassment, bullying and discrimination where there is a code of conduct in place by the authority or company concerned.
The role of trusted adviser is to help protect people’s dignity at work. Official recommendations, such as Recommendation 92/131 of the European Commission and Resolution A3-0043/94 of the European Parliament, as well as antidiscrimination directives (dir. 2000/43, 2000/78 and 2006/54) transposed into Italian law, plus the approval of the consolidated text on health and safety (Legislative Decree 81/2008), mean that it has become increasingly important to ensure employers in both the public and private sector maintain and respect a code of conduct in the workplace.

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Advanced postgraduate course
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Comitato Scientifico del Corso di perfezionamento e di aggiornamento professionale in “Consiglieri di fiducia: esperti/e in tecniche di prevenzione e risoluzione dei casi di molestie sessuali, del mobbing e stress lavoro correlato nel lavor
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