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Controversial cases about inheritance law

Inheritance law has now emerged as a central topic in the international legal debate, however not so much in Italy. This project aspires to fill the flaws of our country in this matter. It aims to launch a wide debate which will help to bring our system to the latest international standards on this topic.
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Mauro Tescaro

Mauro Tescaro
Associate Professor
Mirko Faccioli
Associate Professor
Riccardo Omodei Sale'
Associate Professor
Sara Scola
Temporary Assistant Professor
Claudia Callipari
Teaching Assistant
Stefano Gatti
Temporary Assistant Professor
Abigail Owusu
Temporary Professor (Department Computer Science)
Stefano Troiano
Full Professor
Topic Research area
General Clauses, Standards and Principles in Private Law Civil Law in general
Electronic commerce Civil Law in general
Sales Law Contract Law
Conditional Transactions Contract Law
Service contracts Contract Law
Liability for damages Tort Law
Consumer Law Civil Law in general
Consumer Law and Protection of Weaker Professionals in the Market Contract Law
Law of Contracts and Obligation Contract Law
Inmovable Property Law Property Law (excl. Intellectual Property Law)
Law of Land Registration Civil Law in general
Sales law Contract Law
Law of succession Civil Law in general
Family and succession law Family Law
Private Law of Germanic Area Legal Systems Civil Law in general
European Private Law and its Harmonisation Civil Law in general
The Protection of Privacy and Other Fundamental Rights in the IT Society and the building of the so-called "Data Economy". Human Rights Law
Limitations of actions Civil Law in general
State Registry and Marital Status Family Law
Property Rights Property Law (excl. Intellectual Property Law)
The relationship between the debtor's universal patrimonial liability and specific security rights. Traditional and New Forms of Collaterals and Securities Contract Law
Tort and the Debtor's Liability for Non-Performance: General System and Special Liability Regimes in the IT Society Tort Law
Medical Liability Law and Medicine
Consumer Protection Civil Law in general
Protection of incapable persons Family Law
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Controversial cases about inheritance law Mauro Tescaro Ricerca di base (2015-2017) - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento May 1, 2017 24


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