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Decision-making and sources of law

In contemporary democracies, traditional decision-making, based on representative instruments is facing a structural crisis and new forms are emerging. While the phenomenon is well known, there is no systemic analysis so far neither about the changes in the processes (including participatory and deliberative democracy) no about the outcomes of such processes (different types of new sources, forms of soft lwa and their binding character).
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Francesco Palermo

Francesco Palermo
Full Professor
Daniele Butturini
Associate Professor
Stefano Catalano
Associate Professor
Paolo Duret
Full Professor
Caterina Fratea
Associate Professor
Giovanni Guiglia
Associate Professor
Elisa Lorenzetto
Associate Professor
Enrico Milano
Full Professor
Daniele Velo Dalbrenta
Associate Professor
Jacopo Bercelli
Associate Professor
Ilaria Carlotto
Associate Professor
Annalisa Ciampi
Full Professor
Giampietro Ferri
Full Professor
Marta Giacomini
Teaching Assistant
Giovanna Ligugnana
Associate Professor
Carlo Lottieri
Associate Professor
Matteo Ortino
Associate Professor
Topic Research area
Environment Administrative Law
Environment (Aarhus Convention and the rights of the public in environmental matters) Environmental and Natural Resources Law
Shared administration Public Law
Administrative justice Litigation, Adjudication and Dispute Resolution
Criminal anthropology Philosophy of Law
Criminal appeal Criminal Procedure Law
International Arbitration Litigation, Adjudication and Dispute Resolution
Legal argument Philosophy of Law
Independent regulatory authorities and administrative Agencies Administrative Law
European Committee of Social Rights Legal Institutions
Decision of the Constitutional Court  Constitutional Law
Participatory democracy Public comparative law
Minority rights and diversity governance Public comparative law
Fundamental Rights and Discriminations Constitutional Law
Fundamental Rights in Times of Austerity Constitutional Law
Social Rights Human Rights Law
Human rights Human Rights Law
Comparative administrative law Public comparative law
Constitutional Law of Media Constitutional Law of Media
EU constitutional law of financial system Law and Economics
Financial regulation Law and Economics
International Trade and Investment Law International Trade Law
European Competition Law European Union Law
Law of international responsibility International Law (excl. International Trade Law)
The law of digital economy Law and Economics
European Migration Law European Union Law
EU law of the internal market Law and Economics
Law and Literature; History and International Law Law not elsewhere classified
International investment law International Law (excl. International Trade Law)
International Criminal Law Legal Institutions
Comparative federalism Public comparative law
Sources of regional law Constitutional Law
Form of government Constitutional Law
Form of regional government Constitutional Law
Jurisprudence of common judges Legal Theory, Jurisprudence and Legal Interpretation
Constitutional justice Constitutional Law
Governance of international crises International Law (excl. International Trade Law)
Government Constitutional Law
The principle of subsidiarity Administrative Law
Referendum Constitutional Law
Defensive investigations Criminal Procedure Law
Digital investigations Criminal Procedure Law
The Italian Doctrine of International Law Legal Theory, Jurisprudence and Legal Interpretation
Judiciary Constitutional Law
The administration of emergencies Administrative Law
Law and Humanities History of Medieval and Modern Law
Law & humanities Philosophy of Law
"Orlando" Law and criminal process Criminal Procedure Law
Immunity Constitutional Law
Legal liberalism Philosophy of Law
The impact of Emergency on the Fundamental Rights Constitutional Law
Human Rights and Migration European Union Law
New rights Human Rights Law
International Organizations International Law (excl. International Trade Law)
Cultural Heritage International Law (excl. International Trade Law)
Philosophy of Law and Theory of Law Philosophy and Theory of Law
Legal pluralism Public comparative law
President of Republic and System of Government Constitutional Law
Administrative procedure Administrative Law
Proceedings before Tribunal in monocratic composition Criminal Procedure Law
Application of security measures Criminal Procedure Law
Criminal procedure law for corporate crime liability Criminal Procedure Law
Juvenile criminal procedure law Criminal Procedure Law
Rule- and decision-making governing the economy Law and Economics
Medically assisted procreation Bioethics (human and animal)
Promotion of equal opportunities Human Rights Law
Protective measures and road traffic offences Criminal Procedure Law
Provvedimento Amministrativo Administrative Law
Regions and local authorities Public Law
Responsabilità amministrativo contabile Administrative Law
Remedies against the unfair judgement Criminal Procedure Law
Division of competences between Member States and the European Union Public Law
Servizi pubblici locali Administrative Law
Social services Human Rights Law
Electoral systems Constitutional Law
Società a partecipazione pubblica Administrative Law
Soft law and international normativity International Law (excl. International Trade Law)
Constitutional transformations Public comparative law
Multilevel protection of rights Human Rights Law
Territorial changes Public Law
Victims in criminal process Criminal Procedure Law
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
PRIN 2010-11: Corti, dottrina e società inclusiva: l’impatto dei formanti dottrinali sulle corti di vertice Francesco Palermo MIUR - PRIN Feb 1, 2013 36
Verfassungsreform in föderalen Strukturen Francesco Palermo Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) Jan 1, 2010 24


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