Managing Council of the Specialization School for Legal Professions

Damiano Florenzano
Type of body
Management Council
Administration office
Secretary's Office for Post-graduate Courses
Main Department
The Managing Council:a) manages the organization of the School and the carrying out of admission tests; b) it decides on the planning of didactic activities; c) it carries out the tasks laid down by art. 94 d.p.r. 11.7.1980, no. 382, as far as is compatible; d) it elects the School Director; e) it proposes the awarding of teaching appointments and contracts, assigned on decree of the Chancellor of the University concerned, in accordance with the two Faculty Councils.

Damiano Florenzano
Trento University - director
Teresa Pasquino
Trento University
Enrico Sandrini
Alessandro Melchionda
Trento University
Lorenzo Picotti
Verona University
Stefano Troiano
Verona University
Daniele Maccarrone
lawyer in Verona
Art Paladini
notary in Verona
Elena Corso
Componente - membro esterno