Legal Studies Department Council

Stefano Troiano
Type of body
Departmental council
Administration office
Segreteria del Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche
Main Department
The Department Council is the departmental body which plans the department's activities. It establishes the criteria for using the funds, means and tools available as well as organising the Department's post-graduate courses, congresses and seminars of common interest. The Department Council carries out the following tasks: - it approves the internal Regulations, the Department budget forecast, possible changes during the course of the year as well as the final account; - it asks the University Board of Directors for facilities, staff and financial resources on the basis of the research activities being carried out or planned; - it decides on proposals together with other Departments about the establishing and working of inter-departmental and inter-university research and service Centres ; it makes decisions about requests by ordinary doctorate scholarship institutions and also any other possible scholarships or assignments to support research, about research funds from public and private Bodies - it can delegate any specific duties, if there is a full majority approval, to the Department Board .