Managing Council of the Specialization School for Legal Professions

Francesco Palermo
Type of body
Management Council
Administration office
Secretary's Office for Post-graduate Courses
The Managing Council:a) manages the organization of the School and the carrying out of admission tests; b) it decides on the planning of didactic activities; c) it carries out the tasks laid down by art. 94 d.p.r. 11.7.1980, no. 382, as far as is compatible; d) it elects the School Director; e) it proposes the awarding of teaching appointments and contracts, assigned on decree of the Chancellor of the University concerned, in accordance with the two Faculty Councils.

Damiano Florenzano
Trento University - director
Teresa Pasquino
Trento University
Alessandro Melchionda
Trento University
Lorenzo Picotti
Verona University - vice director
Stefano Troiano
Verona University
Daniele Maccarrone
lawyer in Verona
Art Paladini
notary in Verona
Elena Corso
Componente - membro esterno
Marina Carmela Ingoglia
Componente - membro esterno
Franco Moser
Componente - membro esterno